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We are Canguros, a licensed Family Child Care Home located in central St. Pete, focused on the well-being and holistic education of children.


We provide holistic, bilingual (Spanish-English) schooling for preschoolers in a home environment that fosters natural, healthy, family-like relationships.


Our teacher-to-child ratio is 1:3 so that each child may receive the very best attention and care. 


We believe that each child deserves love and the freedom to safely explore independence and interdependence alike. A child with expansive, life-enriching experiences, who feels both secure as an individual and also a part of a greater family, is a child who is more likely to develop a healthy sense of self. 


A child with a healthy sense of self thrives in their own skin, valuing others and the world as much as they value themselves- from this place comes growth, maturation, and greater wholeness. 


It is our heart to foster awareness of what it means to live holistically where we are connected to ourselves, others, and the world for a greater purpose. 


Canguros' philosophy is holistic in nature, focusing on the whole child rather than simply intellectual development.


The classroom is designed to promote play-based, interest-led learning. We believe children are innately curious, playful, creative, and competent learners. It is our role as teachers to guide them so they may safely explore and discover themselves, others, and the world around them. 


We support expression of self, believing each child is uniquely gifted, while helping to shape their understanding of their actions in a manner that is healthy and not harmful. We do not use fear, shame or guilt as motivators, instead we provide unconditional love and clear boundaries. 


Our teaching style is neither permissive or authoritarian. We recognize that children need trustworthy adults to provide a combination of structure and flexibility. We understand children's perspectives are often limited as their brains are still developing- it is our role to fill in the gaps, provide explanations as needed, and help build connections so they may grow in awareness and maturity.


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Ms. Linda is a diversely experienced teacher who loves to see children grow. 


She holds a Master’s in Education with 18 years of experience.


She’s worked in numerous fields ranging from tutoring youth in shelters, running youth sports programs, assisting children from diverse backgrounds in the classroom who’ve suffered from traumatic experiences, nannying, and now teaching at her very own in-home preschool. 

Her teaching methods are founded on the belief that each and every child is beautiful, uniquely gifted, and should know how invaluable they are to this world. 

Linda is committed to seeing Canguros kids thrive and she’s so excited to start this journey with your growing child!

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