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We offer half day for our 2-3 year old classroom, and half or extended day for our 3-5 year old classroom. 


Monday through Friday from 8:30am-12:15pm for half day and 8:30am-2:15pm for extended day.

A morning snack is provided; parents/guardians are asked to provide a packed lunch each day.

Please note: Our office hours are from 8am-3pm. If we are closed, we will return your call/email the following business day.



Our daily schedule follows a natural flow designed to minimize transitions and allow children to fully engage in play and experiences. 

Below is the general schedule we use, though, it may flex from time-to-time depending on weather, children’s energy levels, etc. These also include cushion for transition times such as potty, hand washing, putting on shoes, etc. 

8:30     —   Welcome/Circle Time

8:45     —   Indoor Play/Activity Time

9:45     —   Morning Snack

10:15   —   Outdoor Play/Gross Motor Room

11:15   —   Story Time

11:45   —   Lunch

12:15   —   Nap/Rest Time or Goodbyes (for half day)

2:15     —   Goodbyes (for extended day)

A more detailed daily schedule will be provided to all families of enrolled children.  



Our preschool calendar runs alongside our elementary school calendar, operating in trimesters with extended breaks at the end of each trimester. 

This promotes learning retention for children, as well as, provides sufficient breaks for our teachers to recharge so they can give their best each day. 

Trimester 1: September-December

Trimester 2: January-April

Trimester 3: May-August

A more extensive calendar will be communicated to all families of enrolled children.  


Tuesday & Thursday

2 days/week

$480/month for half day

$600/month for extended day

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

3 days/week

$720/month for half day

$900/month for extended day

Monday through Friday

5 days/week

$1200/month for half day

$1500/month for extended day


These rates ensure our low teacher-to-student ratio, and quality care and education. Please inquire about potential scholarships for tuition assistance.




Canguros offers a dynamic educational experience through the multi-age Mother Goose Time Curriculum for kids.

Canguros students learn age-appropriate skills in each domain. For more information on the domains of learning, please click here.


With hands-on activities and exciting monthly themes, Canguros students engage in the core curriculum for ages 2-5. 


Additionally, Spanish is incorporated into each day (through verbal communication from teachers, stories, and videos) to assist children in the acquisition of a new language. The Canguros classroom is fully immersive, with Spanish and English being spoken equally by teachers. 

Visit the Mother Goose Time website here.  

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 6.05.29 PM.png



Canguros provides each parent personalized updates including daily check-ins, activity logs, and personal messages with the easy-to-use Brightwheel App.


Also, enrollment tuition is set up through this app which makes payment super simple and hassle-free for parents. 

Canguros is now accepting scholarships through the Early Learning Coalition (ELC). To learn more about ELC Scholarship eligibility for your child, visit the ELC website here

If you do not qualify for ELC subsidies but are still in need of tuition assistance, please submit a contact form here. We will do our very best to offer support!

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