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March 2021 | The Start

Canguros began as a licensed Family Child Care Home with three amazing children in St Petersburg, Florida. We soon after reached enrollment capacity as a preschool and hired our first teachers! 

  • 1 classroom

  • 6 kids per day

  • 2 teachers


June 2023 | The Expansion

After two years of operation as a Family Child Care Home, we expanded into a children's center and school. Our new facility allows us to have two preschool classrooms and an elementary classroom, which will continue to grow with each passing year until we offer a full preschool through 12th grade program.


Pictures of our new school home will be posted later this month. Be sure to check out our gallery then!

  • 3 classrooms

  • 20+ kids per day

  • 6 teachers

  • 1 director

2021-04-13 09.34.01-1.JPG
2021-04-07 08.36.14-1.JPG


TBD | The Build

Our plans are to build a school that feels like home and is rooted in connection with nature- complete with a food forest, garden, nature playground, outdoor classrooms, and more. 


Over time, we hope to establish more schools around the US.

Big things coming. More details soon...

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